Metadata search engine

The Metadata Portal of NAGiS is a public engine that helps to navigate among maps and data layers. Information on metadata is provided to enable the user to decide whether the specific data searched is available in the NAGiS or not.

The following metadata are available on data layers:

  • Identification of subject group:¬†name of main layer group
  • Map schematics:¬†name of data/map layer
  • Spatial extension:¬†point, line, polygon, raster
  • WMS (Web Map Service) link
  • Abstract
  • Name¬†of technical responsible person
  • Contacts¬†of technical responsible person
  • Keywords
  • Start of duration
  • End of duration
  • Name of¬†institution¬†for dissemination
  • CIVAS¬†category

This engine is only available in Hungarian language, by clicking here.